Steel grades

For several generations, our independent steel service centre (SSC) has been buying top grade steel across the world. As a result, we have built a singular expertise in locating the best raw materials for each steel grade. At the same time, we take into account price, quality and reliability.

The production of steel products takes place entirely in-house and as a result we always have common steel grades on stock. Less common grades are available on order. We make sure they are delivered within the shortest possible time!

We deliver all grades of steel!

Steel grades

This is carbon steel, which is submerged in a zinc bath after rolling. This process ensures that the steel is corrosion resistant.

Zinc-Magnesium is up to 2 times more resistant against corrosion than Sendzimir and it is often used in aggressive environments.

This quality also provides a better corrosion resistance against white rust, etc. This type is often used in industrial and maritime environments.

Steel of this quality has good corrosion resistance and its smooth surface makes it extremely suitable for paintwork.

Suitable for steel products with larger material thicknesses.

Cold-rolled steel has more precise thickness tolerances than hot-rolled steel and the surface is not as rough.

Buying steel of a specific grade

Are you looking for a specific steel grade or do you want advice in selecting the right grade for your project?

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